MegaMAX - North America

Steerable double-drop trailer to win decisive inches
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MegaMAX double-drop trailer

The extra low double-drop trailer is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial components, machinery or oversized containers and crates.

Its king-pin steering with override remote control is a unique feature in North America. With its unmatched maneuverability, it allows access into extremely tight areas.

The 3-axle version is available on pneumatic suspension or with hydraulic pendle-axles.

The air ride is now also available with a unique steerable fourth pin-on flip axle. This option helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state.


The hydraulic detachable gooseneck on the double-drop trailer allows continuous height adjustment and a maximum of flexibility during the loading process.

The MegaMAX is available with two interchangeable deck types: a stretch deck and a minideck.

The stretch deck is the lowest of its kind in the market, with a loaded deck height of only 13.8”. It is extremely versatile and can be used for countless types of heavy and oversize cargo including industrial goods, tanks, railcars, machinery or oversize containers. From a closed length of 25’, it can be stretched up to 42’ and lengthened even further using additional inserts.

The minideck runs at a height of 10.8” only and is ideal to move transformers or generators. The steel construction on the whole width allows maximum point loads even for jacking and skidding operation

With a compressed length of 53’ total and a width of 100” without outriggers, the MegaMAX can be run empty without any escorts or permits.

With the flip-axle, the trailer is rated for payloads up to 105,000lbs. When the 4th axle is not needed, it is easy to detach or flip for empty transport to shorten the combination. 

Finally, the double-drop fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.

Check out the technical features that ensure maximum transport efficiency and safety.

Available with 2 axle systems, both actuated by automatic king-pin steering with override remote control:

  • Air suspension – knuckle-steered axles
    • Available as 3- or 4-axle with pin-on flip
    • Up to 42° steering angle
    • Total stroke of 9.4”
    • 3rd axle can be lifted
  • Hydraulic suspension – pendle-axles
    • Available as 3-axle only
    • Up to 60° steering angle
    • Total stroke of 23.6”
    • All axles can be lifted individually

Available with 2 interchangeable decks:

  • Stretch deck
    • 8” drive height at 3.9” ground clearance
    • 25’ deck length closed – stretches to 42’ in 20” increments
    • Deck inserts available as 79”-118”-158” to additionally increase the length, beyond the stretch
    • Multiple shims available to precamber the deck depending on the load
    • Outer beam system that stretches on the outside
    • Available with removable center deck covers, outriggers & container fittings
  • Minideck
    • 8” drive height at 3.9” ground clearance
    • 25’ total deck length – 22’6”
    • Full steel construction on the complete width
  •  Hydraulic detachable neck with 110” rear swing clearance, incl. ramps
  • Air Honda pony motor and wet line connection for all hydraulic functions
  • Fully metalized, zinc-plated frame for the best corrosion protection available in the market
  • Multiple lashing rings and load fixing points for maximum transport safety

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