Self-steering trailer with 2 to 5 axles
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The FlexMAX is a self-steering trailer with 2 - 5 axles for the transport of self-supporting long material.

It is provided with an adjustable steering system that autonomously follows the tractor.

The suitable solution for the transport of self-supporting long material!
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The FlexMAX self-steering trailer owes its name to its great flexibility in adapting to the length. Using a turntable on the tractor unit, or in combination with a 2 or 3-axle dolly in front, the agile FlexMAX can transport even the most extreme loads of considerable weights.

The FlexMAX is available in 2 different versions depending on the cargo:

Self-steering trailer for the transport of long material

Built on 2-5 axles and equipped with air suspension, this version of the self-steering trailer is suitable for the transport of:

  • Self-supporting long material
  • Precast concrete elements, concrete beams
  • Steel bridge elements, steel beams

Weight-optimised self-steering trailer for the transport of long trucks

Built on 2 or 3 axles, this version of the self-steering trailer is suitable for the transport of long timber.


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  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Shipbuilding and Boat Construction
  • Forestry & Wood
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  • Crane and lifting technology
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  • Wind Power and the Energy Sector
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  • Military

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