The light pioneer in transporting precast concrete elements
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The Faymonville Group is the only complete provider and system supplier for the whole concrete sector. We provide the right transport options for all the challenges in the concrete sector.

The PrefaMAX inloader is the tried-and-tested, most highly-advanced solution for the transport of precast elements and other special loads. Loading and unloading is done quickly and safely. It can be done independently of a crane or fork-lift truck, as the PrefaMAX picks up a loading pallet using hydraulic or pneumatic lifting.

The standard metallised PrefaMAX combines maximum operating reliability and optimal efficiency. The stable axle suspension with the robust welded bearing housings and the full-length long-beam with optimised stress repartition form a robust overall structure.


Its hydraulic rocker allows the PrefaMAX to be used with any available tractor unit. The position of the king pin can be adapted to 2-axle and 3-axle trucks (6x4)—Faymonville is the only manufacturer to offer this flexibility as standard!

The PrefaMAX types with a loading length of 9,800 mm are designed to be used with 2-axle and 3-axle trucks (6x2).

The first and third axle can be lifted in order to minimize tyre wear and tear when driving empty. The vehicle width of 2.55 m means that there are no extra costs for escorts and special permits.

There is plenty of storage space for accessories, tool boxes and other work tools on the front gooseneck above the fifth wheel coupling.

PrefaMAX programme at a glance:

  • PrefaMAX 3HH 9.50 starting at 9,070 kg*, loading length: 9.500mm
  • PrefaMAX 3HH 9.50 LIGHT starting at 8,570 kg*, loading length: 9.500mm
  • PrefaMAX 3HH-A 7.10 starting at 9,900 kg*, loading length: 7,100mm, can be extended by an additional 2,400 mm
  • PrefaMAX 3HH-A 9.50 starting at 11,300 kg*, loading length: 9,500mm, can be extended by an additional 4,000 mm
  • PrefaMAX 3HL 9.80 Light starting at 8,300 kg*, loading length: 9,800mm, pneumatic suspension
  • PrefaMAX 3HH 9.80 Light starting at 8,410 kg*, loading length: 9,800mm, hydraulic wheel-set
  • PrefaMAX 3HH 9.50 for Sweden, starting at 9,120 kg*, loading length: 9,500mm, special wheelbase for Sweden
  • PrefaMAX 3HH 9.50 for Norway, starting at 9,120 kg*, loading length: 9,500mm, special wheelbase for Norway
  • PrefaMAX 3HH 10.20 for Australia, starting at 9,450 kg*, loading length: 10,200mm, special wheelbase for Australia
  • PrefaMAX 3HL 10.20 Light, starting at 8,440 kg*, loading length: 10,200mm, pneumatic suspension

* Empty weight of the standard model (without load securing system)

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