Repairs and Maintenance

For long-term vehicle use.

We offer our customers just the right services to help their vehicles achieve improved performance, reliability and ideal value retention.

Traditional Repairs

The extreme conditions in heavy load transport and special transport demand a lot from the vehicles during everyday operation. Maintenance is a fact of life, either due to wear and tear, accidents or fire damage.

This means that work can involve very different tasks, which we perform across all brand and models: from simple steel blasting of vehicles to replacing hydraulic, mechanical or electrical components.

Repair and maintenance work is also carried out at our operating site in Goleniow (Poland).

Added to that Faymonville Trade & Services in Landsberg am Lech (Germany), where brand-neutral maintenance work and even general overhauls are carried out.

Complete general maintenance

Following the principle ‘from old to new’, our specialist mechanics work wonders on vehicles. Faulty and worn parts are replaced.

After work has been completed, the special trailer or semi-trailer will be close to its original condition.

Crane superstructures for the transport of timber

Our range of services at Faymonville is rounded out by truck-mounted crane superstructures for wood transportation. This is one traditional area of work that has been a part of our services from the very start.

The superstructures are bolted onto the truck frame while naturally also complying with the manufacturers’ superstructure guidelines.

Thanks to a large number of vehicle variants and options for attachment parts, such as bolsters, stanchions and front boards, vehicles can be configured to suit the application or client-specific requirements.

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Repairs and Maintenance - Services
Repairs and Maintenance - Services
Repairs and Maintenance - Services