Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo

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There are certain things that you can absolutely rely on. This is the case with the Faymonville Group and its first-rate ambitions at Conexpo 2023. Innovative trailer technology will be showcased to allow the North American transport market reaching a new level.    

As one of the world’s largest trade fairs, members from all segments of the specialized transportation industry attend Conexpo in Las Vegas expecting to see the latest product innovations. Such an environment is the ideal platform for the Faymonville Group to present its unique strengths in outstanding product quality and market-oriented innovation.

The modular world premiere

With the new HighwayMAX All-In-One as a world premiere, the Faymonville Group brings the modular trailer philosophy for on-road projects to the US. It is a completely unique concept where operators can configure different trailers from one single modular kit. The concept allows use as a 3+6 double drop combination, as an extendable single drop trailer with nine axles or – with additional nitro booster – as a 12-axle vehicle. A configuration as a tower adapter vehicle is also possible. And the entire range such as excavator decks, transformer decks, perimeter decks etc. can be integrated in the double drop version. A clever and future-oriented concept that is looking for its equal in North America.  

The agile all-rounder

When operators want to increase their maneuverability with smaller payloads, there is no way around the steerable 6-axle (3+3) single-drop trailer called MultiMAX. An all-round solution for the most different heavy haul projects including industrial components, wind energy elements, crane components and oversize containers. At a length of 53’ and a width of 100” when closed, it can be mobilized extremely fast and without any escorts or permits. From its closed length, the trailer stretches to over 90’ including the gooseneck and the spread between the axle groups can be set at 14’1” or 16’1”. This provides the necessary flexibility in use.

The master for high loads

When loads become high, trailers must get low and the double drop MegaMAX comes into play. Users can reach a higher level of versatility while using a 3-axle version with additional 4th steerable pin-on flip axle. This feature allows to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state. The pin-on axle can be coupled to the 3-axle chassis either directly or with a nitro spreader. If not used, it can either be "flipped" or removed.

The specialist for in-plant jobs

The competence center for self-propelled vehicles within the Faymonville Group is Cometto, which is bringing two self-propelled vehicles to Las Vegas. The 6-axle Eco1000 is distinguished by the fact that its Power Pack Unit is integrated under the loading platform. As unique manufacturer on the market, Cometto offers three different Power Pack technologies - traditional propulsion technology for continuous performance, hybrid or the electric solution. This underlines the high innovation potential at Cometto and gives more possibilities to the customers. And guess what? With the Eco1500, there is another type available to reach a new level with the highest available payload capacity on the market – 1,500 tons!

The SPMT power machines

In addition, the Cometto range at Conexpo 2023 is completed by an electronically steered MSPE self-propelled 6-axle version. Cometto offers MSPE series with capacities of 48 tons and 70 tons per axle line for the EVO3 series – by far the highest value on the market! Thanks to these possibilities, there are no limits for offroad heavy duty jobs and a new level can be approached by the users.   

Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo
Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo
Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo
Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo
Reaching new levels with the Faymonville Group at Conexpo
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