Demolition et Terrassement XL in action with its new CombiMAX combination

A gross combination weight of 152 tonnes and a distance of 1200 kilometres through four countries – these are the key data of a project handled by the Luxemburgish demolition experts Demolition et Terrassement XL and their new CombiMAX combination.

CombiMAX makes four-country project possible

For this first job with their new combination, Demolition et Terrassement XL used a 4+6 CombiMAX combination with excavator trough and extendable excavator deck. In this version the semi-trailer achieves a payload of 108 tonnes.

Just one combination amongst many possibilities. "The modular CombiMAX principle is optimally suited. The perfect solution can be assembled according to our needs – that is ideal", says transport organiser Mr. De Oliveira, mentioning one of the advantages.

From Netherlands to France

On leaving the Faymonville factory in Luxemburg, the CombiMAX went to work immediately, making its way to Makkum in the northern Netherlands. There, a shovel dredger of the type Hitachi ZX 870 weighing around 95 tonnes was waiting to be moved. Demolition et Terrassement XL had to transport the colossus to a quarry in Landres, France.

Over a period of about a week, the heavyweight with an overall length of 30 m made its way to northern France via Germany and Luxemburg.

Total weight of 152t and a lenght about 30m

A smooth operation was made possible by good planning, strong equipment and a motivated team. The journey through several countries was simple in terms of permits, since the CombiMAX from Faymonville has the necessary CoC certification.

Flexibility, speed and efficiency: three core concepts that are coupled with the idea of the CombiMAX and which are now also of every-day benefit to Demolition et Terrassement XL.

More information on the product page of CombiMAX.

  • Demolition et Terrassement XL in action with its new CombiMAX combination