Teix Menendez сделал первые проекты с его CombiMAX

Испанская компания Teix Менендес недавно получила новую комбинацию прицепа.

The CombiMAX concept from Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville caused a stir in the transport sector and has now been adopted by numerous customers.

In Spain, the company Teix Menendez recently received its new trailer combination and first transports have been done.

Ooffshore transports with the new CombiMAX combination

For Teix Menendez - a leading transport specialist for the biggest and heaviest offshore tubes in Spain - this is the ideal solution to accomplish their goals. As a first challenge, a wind power station tube with a weight of about 160t has been loaded and transported in the north of the country.

Teix Menendez has been working with Faymonville for eight years and already has more than 15 semi-trailers from this brand in its fleet – including the new CombiMAX combination.

The CombiMAX in question consists of one 4-axle bogie and one 6-axle bogie. This, together with the revolutionary “Add-On Beam”, an extension beam that gives the vehicle unmatched flexibility through variable extension, is a particular advantage.

Modularity and versatility for Teix Menendez

Heavy or over-sized components can be transported in a unique way by the CombiMAX due to the variety of combinations. The CombiMAX can be tailored individually to every transport requirement.

This concept sets new standards and offers “excellent combinability”. Teix Menendez will soon add some components to be able to also transport long and heavy metal structures with the CombiMAX.

Faymonville has completely caught the spirit of the age: modularity, flexibility, speed and efficiency - this revolutionary, prize-winning concept combines all of these advantages.

Find more info about this concept on the product page.

Teix Menendez сделал первые проекты с его CombiMAX
Teix Menendez сделал первые проекты с его CombiMAX
Teix Menendez сделал первые проекты с его CombiMAX
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