Steel giant in Sweden

A truly impressive transport was spotted at the harbour of the Swedish metropole Göteborg.

A gigantic steel structure measuring 24 m long and 34 m wide, with weight of around 95 tons slowly made its way through the area.

Moving such a giant requires both the correct technical equipment and careful and accurate handling.

The Swedish company Tabergs Åkeri AB, specialists in heavy and special transportation, took on the challenge and attached their 10 CombiMAX axle lines with Add-On-beam extension to their Volvo FH16 750.

The selected combination mastered the tricky job with flying colours, together with and thanks to the well harmonized team around it.

14 CombiMAX axle lines and many equipment

A few days later, the Swedish transport experts conveyed at the same place an impressive helicopter platform that, in addition to the heavy weight, extended 9 meters into the air.

In its fleet of vehicles, Tabergs Åkeri AB runs a total of 14 CombiMAX axle lines, a low vessel deck, an excavator deck and two goosenecks.

This variety allows them to carry out a huge diversity of transport jobs, moving the heaviest and most complex loads, even two at a time.

More info about the CombiMAX on the product page.

Steel giant in Sweden - Algunos ejemplos
Steel giant in Sweden - Algunos ejemplos
Steel giant in Sweden - Algunos ejemplos
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