An XL project for XL

A 3+5 low bed and two flatbeds towards Luxembourg.

Demolition et Terrassement XL Sarl, based in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, is used to working on XL projects.

Demolition work on buildings or industrial installations is part of their main mission, and requires heavy equipment.

For these transport tasks, the company has purchased a VarioMAX Plus 3+5 lowbeds with a telescopic excavator deck.

The ultimate: two integrated joker axles ensure maximum flexibility when more or less payload is required. Switching from a 2+4 to a 3+5 combination is done in the blink of an eye - that's what we call future-proof technology 😊!

In addition, two TeleMAX 3-axle and 2-axle telescopic flatbed trailers have been added to their fleet of vehicles, so that Demolition et Terrassement XL Sarl will be able to transport long steel elements in the future.

Thank you very much for this project - we love XL assignments!

Date of publication: 10/2023

An XL project for XL - News
An XL project for XL - News
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