Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma

The shaping of the future is distinguished by lofty ambitions.

This is illustrated by investments in the infrastructure, company takeovers and radical product developments. The family-owned company is stronger than ever before. And the variety of vehicles exhibited at the bauma 2019 illustrates that in impressive fashion.

Thirteen exhibits will be presented in the northern open-air area at Booth 829. The Faymonville Group shows the way. "We bring precisely those transport solutions onto the market that really help the user with his special transport tasks. And we do that both for the small payload range and for the heaviest off-road segment," says product manager Rainer Noe, explaining the philosophy behind the development area.

New technology for the wind power industry

The BladeMAX celebrates its premiere in Munich: the transport solution for the new generation of wind turbine blades. The rotor blade adapter is the strongest of its type on the market. With 650 mT, only the BladeMAX can move the latest mega wind turbine blades. In that way, that they can be transported safely and efficiently in wooded or built-up areas, in tight hairpin bends or in mountainous regions.

Rotor blades can be picked up, erected up to an angle of almost 84°, swivelled and rotated by 360° around their own axis using the adapter, which is mounted on a self-propelled vehicle or between modular axle lines. The patented Roto-Translation is unique. Thanks to this sophisticated levering device, the center of gravity remains considerably more stable than with conventional devices when the blade is moved from the vertical to the horizontal position.

Greater handling stability is also guaranteed with the patented stability control system. The interaction of electronics, hydraulics and visualisation increases safety as the center of gravity shifts when moving the blades. The BladeMAX works without the use of counterweights weighing several tonnes.

For the highest payload range on the road

The largest exhibit at the booth is the 4+6 CombiMAX combination with excavator deck. As it is well known, the CombiMAX is the number one in the payload range up to 120 t! This is the result of the optimum dead weight, achieved through a well-thought-out vehicle superstructure.

Track vehicles can be transported hanging with minimum ground clearance thanks to the excavator deck. The telescopically extendable low bed has been completely revised and redesigned. The outriggers and mattresses can be widened with little effort, enabling positioning on two different loading levels.

With the PA-X through every terrain

Faymonville has occupied the top spot in the sales figures in the low loader segment for many years, for which reason the distinctive "F" is omnipresent in the construction sector. On show is a 6-axle MultiMAX semi low loader equipped with the largest excavator trough in its category and the low PA-X pendle axle.

This vehicle combines several advantages at once. "The vehicles are built very low with a continuous loading height of 790 mm. However, the low pendle-axle offers even more. The unbeatable stroke of 600 mm makes the semi-trailer extremely off-road-capable. And the steering angle of 60° makes it highly manoeuvrable when the route demands it", says product manager Rainer Noe, listing the distinctive key points. The motto speaks for itself: More than low!

The steering is adjusted precisely and simply by a new hydraulic system. The lifetime of the tires is extended as a result and winding building site entrances can be mastered without a doubt. The torsionally rigid construction enables also the transport of compact loads such as transformers without compromising on deflection.

Faymonville has a further variant of a low loader for construction tasks in a telescopically extendable 1+3-axle MultiMAX, in which wheel recesses for the transport of wheel loaders are integrated along with the excavator trough. In addition, the loading platform can be hydraulically widened from 2,540 mm to 3,200 mm. This process is carried out by the driver with a simple push of a button on his remote control. The infinitely adjustable widening allows the precise adaptation of the loading platform to suit the width of the machine being transported. The tedious installation of widening elements is no longer necessary, making the driver's work much easier.

Leading technology for the transport of concrete

As the only full-range provider and system supplier for the precast concrete industry, the Faymonville Group is exhibiting a weight-optimised PrefaMAX at the bauma. The base model with a basic length of 9,500 mm and hydraulic axle compensation is already available with a reduced dead weight starting from 9,100 kg.

Fast loading and unloading of the frames is also made possible under cramped space conditions thanks to an hydraulically installable rear door. The generally easy handling underlines the high degree of usability in practice. The same applies to the built-in RSS system (roll stability support), which also lends driving stability in precarious situations.

Movement of lifting vehicles on the MultiMAX Plus

The 3-axle MultiMAX Plus low loader with lifting platform is the specialist for the transport of lifting vehicles. Since several work platforms or fork-lift trucks are often loaded, the semi-trailer features numerous lashing points for perfect load securing.

The reinforced grating floor and the high ramp loadability provide for robustness and safety when loading and unloading. The semi-trailer is available with hydraulic knuckle steering or friction-steering and with an impressive selection of options.

MegaMAX for the decisive millimetres

Also in focus is a telescopically extendable 2-axle MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer, whose beam has an overall height of just 200 mm. "In this way the last millimetres can be gained when high loads have to be moved through underpasses", says Rainer Noe, pointing out the alignment of the product.

Due to the removable gooseneck in a very compact version, the loading procedure takes place from the front. The bogie is characterised by an excavator trough. The proven pendle axle technology lends maneuverability that positively influences the driving behaviour.

Widenable even under load - the DualMAX

The DualMAX was designed for the special requirements of heavy-load transport in North America. Its special feature is that it can be widened in various steps from 14' (4.27 m) to 20' (6.1 m) in the loaded condition.

This unique and patented principle has been baptised by Faymonville as “lift&shift”. "Such a system is used when the load distribution has to be adjusted for infrastructural reasons, for example when negotiating bridges or the like", says Rainer Noe, explaining the motives for this technical specialty.

Unlike other providers, the steering system does not need to be modified during the widening process of the DualMAX, everything remains fixed. The bauma exhibit clearly illustrates this breakthrough “lift & shift” principle at close range.

Cometto with most powerful self-propelled vehicle

Apart from Faymonville the two brands Cometto and MAX Trailer are also successful members of the Faymonville Group. Cometto is the center of excellence for self-propelled vehicles and is exhibiting its electronically steered modules in Munich. The BladeMAX is mounted on such a 6-axle MSPE 48t.

Also on show at the gigantic booth is a further 4-axle self-propelled vehicle with power pack in the Evo3 series. The model is the reference par excellence in the heavy load sector! That's because an axle load of 70 t per line is unique in the industry and the most powerful version available for the heaviest transport tasks.

In addition to the high payload, the self-propelled vehicles impress with their versatile range of configuration options and their maneuverability. The advanced electronic operating system and the special Cometto software make steering angle of ± 135° possible. Each axle body works independently and thanks to this interaction, the MSPE can be moved in every direction.

Powerpacks are available in three power classes for the drive, in addition to which there is an extensive range of options as spacers or driver's cabs.

MAX Trailer for the construction industry

The MAX Trailer success story meanwhile sets records year after year. 1,200 vehicles were sold in 2018 and the brand is firmly anchored in the construction industry in particular.

MAX Trailer is illustrating this in Munich amongst other things with a new development that will be presented to the public for the first time. Because the friction-steered 3-axle MAX100 semi low loader has two pairs of wheel recesses and an excavator trough, which are offered for the first time by MAX Trailer in this combination. The excavator trough has generally been added to the MAX Trailer low-loader series.

The MAX410 is a platform trailer especially designed for the transport of crane elements. In the compact version with three axles it is perfectly suited for use on narrow urban streets.

The MAX600 turntable trailer with 4 axles is designed for the transport of machines in the building and underground construction sector. "With the completely flat loading platform it is particularly sturdy and ideal for transporting excavators, construction machinery and other equipment", says MAX Trailer product manager Mario Faymonville, explaining the area of use of the new vehicle. "A flexibly and reliably usable trailer for every case," says Faymonville of this extension to the range.

Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
Always ahead! The Faymonville Group at bauma
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