Ol-trans A.Rybka from Poland to Vatican

Christmas tree for Pope Francis moved on a Faymonville trailer

It’s Christmas time and more and more Christmas trees appear on public places around the world. 

The most famous one has been put up on the St.Peter’s Square in Vatican for Pope Francis! Polish transport companies Ol-Trans A.Rybka and HR Polska managed to move this huge tree successfully to the country located within the city of Rome.

Fixing was a huge challenge

The spruce was a very specific load, difficult to secure and susceptible to damage. Therefore, the fixing of the tree was carefully planned and prepared. The companies carried the tree with a length of 25m from Poland to the Vatican on a VarioMAX low bed semi-trailer from Faymonville.

Because the maximum width of the tree in nature was 9m, it has been reduced to 4m for the transport on the vehicle. This was the most difficult part of the entire project. The spruce was placed on three especially designed adjustable metal frames (in front, in the middle and at the rear of semi-trailer).

It helped to fit the load precisely after placing it on the vehicle and securing it with ropes, transport straps and plastic mesh.

2650km until Vatican City

Starting the project on November 11, they had to cover a distance of almost 2650 km. Step by step, the impressive combination crossed several countries to finally arrive in Rome and the Vatican City.

The official illumination ceremony of this Christmas tree took place on St. Peter’s Square in Vatican last Thursday, December 7.

The wonderfully decorated object now shines in all its glory for the thousands of visitors during this Christmas period. 

32 trailers from Faymonville

Ol-trans A.Rybka is a Polish customer that was established 22 years ago and today possesses a very diverse fleet of semi-trailers. 32 units in different dimensions were produced by Faymonville.

Those are mainly MegaMAXTeleMAXVarioMAX and ModulMAX vehicles. This represents the ideal range of transport tools for cargo with the most different dimensions and payloads.

Ol-trans A.Rybka from Poland to Vatican
Ol-trans A.Rybka from Poland to Vatican
Ol-trans A.Rybka from Poland to Vatican
Ol-trans A.Rybka from Poland to Vatican
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