Glass transport even in XXL format

Harmonisation of state-of-the-art technology with simple and safe handling

Faymonville has been the leader in the development of advanced glass inloaders for decades. The harmonisation of state-of-the-art technology with simple and safe handling makes the difference. This is also reflected in the latest product – the XXL variant of the FloatMAX glass inloader.

This vehicle is impresses as it is designed for the transport of long glass in lengths of up to 12,000 mm. This corresponds to the dimensions of glass formats that are appearing with increasing frequency in this sector. "Faymonville focused on user-friendliness throughout the development of this XXL vehicle. In other words: it wasn't just built long in a slap-hazard manner.

Proven inloader technology and familiar method of operation

In fact, the daily work of the driver and freight forwarder was consciously integrated into the design", says product manager Albert Balke, explaining the well-thought-out approach.

Therefore, the new FloatMAX XXL glass inloader has several decisive advantages on its side. "Proven inloader technology was combined with a load-encompassing pneumatic suspension. Accordingly, the driver can rely on the familiar method of operation", Albert Balke continues.

At just 9,600 kgs, the low dead weight of the XXL also allows a high payload. Not only that, the dimensions have been designed so that no escort vehicle is necessary.

Ideal vehicle design for the XXL-glass inloader

Speaking of well-thought-out: before the start of the project, the developers at Faymonville carried out a series of different driving tests with an identical extendable concrete inloader and as well as numerous simulations on the PC. The gained values and experiences were ploughed into the engineering of the XXL glass inloader.

Albert Balke says "the customer can therefore look forward to getting an ideal vehicle design that still makes maximum manoeuvrability possible, even with such a long vehicle."

Please find more information in the product page of the FloatMAX glass inloader

Glass transport even in XXL format
Glass transport even in XXL format
Glass transport even in XXL format
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