CombiMAX for Metcalfe in the UK

Customer got now its 1+2 + 1+4 trailer configuration where two Joker-axles are included.

Another CombiMAX combination from Faymonville has been delivered to the UK!

Customer Metcalfe Farms Haulage Ltd got now its 1+2 + 1+4 trailer configuration where two Joker-axles are included for a maximum of versatility.

They have chosen an extendable spine deck to move all track vehicles. The matrasses can be placed in two different loading heights by turning the outriggers.

The matrasses are removable as well and the outriggers are foldable in order to carry track vehicles with the lowest possible loading height.

After delivery from Luxembourg, Metcalfe built up the trailer at Rydam Universal Ltd, our service partner in the UK.

Congratulation to our official dealer Traffco for handling this fantastic project! CombiMAX - Define and combine! 

CombiMAX for Metcalfe in the UK
CombiMAX for Metcalfe in the UK
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