Successful training sessions in Africa

Worldwide training and support is of essential importance and our instructors keep collecting many air miles to train drivers and operators around the globe.

They give detailed training sessions to customers in order to ensure the correct and safe use of their new trailers.

With each visit, the Faymonville family grows bigger. During the last few months, several trips to Africa had been on the agenda.

Whether desert or bush, whether city of millions or lonely villages, our trainers discovered new horizons and according to our Group leitmotiv: they are ready for all challenges!

Besides technology and trailers, the trips are very enriching, as Jef -one of our travelling instructors- states: “Being in five different African countries over the last three months taught me some important life lessons. Between great personal encounters, cultural experiences and military checkpoints, I also learned how to protect myself from the sun and temperatures over 45°C like a camel: limit your movement and hope for the best 😊.”

To all our existing and new customers on the African continent, we wish all the best with their new Faymonville trailers !

ASB Valiant from Chad has 10 modular axle lines with gooseneck in use.
Knights a.s. from Ghana uses a new 5-axle MegaMAX lowbed trailer with 2-axle dolly.
MONPE’s eye-catching orange fleet of trailers includes 28 axle lines of modular trailers with numerous accessories.
For several years, Lalgy had been operating a 7-axle CombiMAX setup, which was recently completed by another 11 axle lines with numerous accessories.
Two 4-axle MegaMAX lowbeds have been delivered to Seven Stars Ltd.
Baj Freight&Logistics sets on this modular excavator deck for its machinery transports.
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