A new GigaMAX low-bed semitrailer for Wack Transports

The relationship between Faymonville and Wack Transports exits already for more than 25 years.

A loyal and historic customer who has now purchased a new GigaMAX 1+3 low-bed semitrailer.

The company located in Rohrbach-lès-Bitche (57) has opted for this vehicle which is suitable for achieving optimal load distribution.

The front bogie is integrated into the gooseneck which contributes to reducing the overall length of the convoy as well as increasing the payload. The gooseneck is detachable for front loading process.

The load floor of the low-bed semitrailer can be extended from 8,625 mm to 13,725 mm and is robust with a construction height of only 225 mm.

Manoeuvrable vehicle with pendle-axles

The 17.5" pendle-axles make the GigaMAX even more manoeuvrable and easy to handle. The GigaMAX low-bed semitrailer is equipped with hydraulic suspension and allows ideal handling even when reversing. The vehicle is suitable for off-road use with a stroke of 600 mm.

After many MultiMAX semi-trailers, MegaMAX low-loaders, TeleMAX flatbed trailers and also some vehicles of the MAX Trailer brand, this is the first time that Wack Transports has chosen for a GigaMAX type vehicle.

The company uses its new low-bed semitrailer for transporting bulky industrial components and construction equipment.

A new GigaMAX low-bed semitrailer for Wack Transports
A new GigaMAX low-bed semitrailer for Wack Transports
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