First VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer to Austria

At the Austrian company Friedrich Jerich Transport GmbH Nfg & Co KG, the term "maximum versatility" is firmly anchored in the company philosophy.

It is therefore logical that the transport and storage service provider strengthened its fleet for heavy-duty tasks with a VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer from Faymonville.

It is precisely this concept that makes flexible working possible. The selected 2+4 combination with extremely flat vessel bridge was extended by two 1-axle modules. These "joker axles" can be integrated as required and without great effort.

They allow the combination to be flexibly adapted to the load, legal payload and route. The vehicle remains adaptable like a chameleon.

Jerich Trans uses the full possibilities of the VarioMAX Plus principle: be it for transporting construction machinery such as excavators, drilling rigs and crushers, or projects involving industrial goods and transformers.

As a 2+4 combination, the lowbed trailer is extremely compact for averaged weights. In the 3+5 version, the heavy loads will be handled. And in this constellation, one of the first projects was successfully completed.

An absolute enrichment for the Jerich Trans fleet. It is the first VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer that was delivered to Austria.

We would like to thank Jerich Trans for the trust and wish always a good trip!

Two Joker axles on the lowbed allow the combination to be flexibly adapted to the load, legal payload and route.
The first project as a 3+5 lowbed trailer has already been handled successfully.
The Jerich Trans team received detailed instructions at the Lentzweiler plant to use the new lowbed trailer efficiently.
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