Faymonville low bed power for the Philippines

A well-thought technical conception of the truck-trailer combination is the elementary base to make successful transport projects possible.

Company Geo Transport and Construction Inc. from Cebu in the Philippines had some specific requirements on their material. Faymonville realized the challenge.

The main task for Geo is the transport of its Tadano RT Crane GR1450-EX. It is one of the biggest cranes from the supplier in this category with a weight of around 80t without counterweights.

A transport solution to access tight areas

They decided to move this huge machine with a special version of the 8x4 MAN truck and a 4-axle MegaMAX low bed trailer by Faymonville.  

The aim for Company Geo was to reach maximum maneuverability in the narrow streets of the Philippine cities.

Therefore, some specific technical requirements have been defined in the conception of the Faymonville trailer.

Height adjustment with the detachable gooseneck

The vehicle has been equipped with 19.5“ pendle-axles. These kind of axles permits a technical axle load of 16.5t on each axle and a steering angle of 60°.

The unique king-pin steering on these trailers offers unmatched maneuverability and allows to access extremely tight areas such as construction sites, power plants or inner cities.

The hydraulic detachable gooseneck allows continuous height adjustment and a maximum of flexibility during loading and unloading of construction machinery.

The best corrosion protection for the chassis

For an extra-long life-cycle, the MegaMAX chassis is fully metalized, which ensures the best corrosion protection available in the market for a long-time use.

Faymonville low bed power for the Philippines
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