Education and Training

Exchanging knowledge from one expert to another.

Training for optimal vehicle use

As part of vehicle delivery, our customers will receive detailed training and all the information they need to operate their new vehicles. From one expert to another.

The expert will demonstrate how to operate the vehicle to familiarise the customer with the new product. The operating manual provided in the customer’s native language can be used as a reference during everyday operation.

For longer stays, we offer drivers living areas with shower facilities. At our in-house restaurant, guests can fortify themselves in a relaxed environment.

Faymonville Academy: Continued education as a key to success

Expertise and product knowledge are the foundations of goal-oriented consultation. Development, technology, manufacture or customer service are areas where you never stop learning!

Our ‘Faymonville Academy’ provides a system for training sessions and sharing knowledge.

Workshop training is available for our customers with an emphasis on sharing product knowledge with mechanics, workshop managers or fleet managers.

Concrete tips for everyday assistance

Detailed operating instructions are discussed, diagrams for electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics are analysed and important tips are provided for maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Thanks to our optimally equipped classroom in Büllingen, theoretical knowledge is expanded with practical examples.

Three low-loader modules are at the ready, supplemented by models of a full-floating axle and independent suspension.

Education and Training - Services
Education and Training - Services
Education and Training - Services