Seventh flatbed trailer for Doolan's Heavy Haulage in Australia

Family owned and operated Australian Heavy Haulage company Doolan's Heavy Haulage has taken delivery of another trailer by Faymonville.

The decision to stick with the seventh Faymonville product is no doubt supported by the Faymonville quality build, the TeleMAX specification and the local support delivered through MRSK.

The triple extendable TeleMAX has a loading platform of 55 meters, an hydraulic steering and chamfered front corners for a reduced front swing clearance. More technical features are:

  • 600mm King Pin position.
  • Chamfered front corners for reduced front swing clearance (Dolly coupling).
  • Provision for a slide out rear table.
  • Dual auto grease systems, one front and one rear.
  • One meter drop in deck section.
  • Wired and cordless Remote Control.
  • 12 Volt electrics for American trucks. (24 Volt is an option).

MRSK handles all Australian compliance and import processes, shipping and customs requirements, assists with clearing the flatbed trailer from the wharf and completes all commissioning and testing.

MRSK delivers training in the operation of the Faymonville product, along with an insight into the mechanical operation of the trailer and delivers ongoing product support 24/7.

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