Towards a new payload dimension

The MultiMAX extends the possibilities at Mallet.

Since 2011, Transports Mallet, based in Witry les Reims (51), has been finding transport solutions in the Faymonville Group's range.

After TeleMAX flatbeds, MultiMAX 3-axle and 4-axle low-loaders, a MegaMAX 3-axle low bed and three MAX100 low-loaders from MAX Trailer with liftable loading platform, the experts are entering a new dimension in payload capacity with this new MultiMAX 5-axle low-loader.

The vehicle features hydraulic suspension, rubber covering on the platform and double ramps. The 9,200 mm long platform can be telescoped by a further 2,500 mm.

A wide, deep trough allows the excavator arms to be integrated to achieve a minimum overall height. Mallet's experts are able to offer category 1 and 2 transport services.

From public works equipment to bulky industrial parts in indivisible mass, they find a solution for moving them with Faymonville vehicles while complying with the regulations in force.

Publication date : 01/2024

Towards a new payload dimension
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