Three CombiMAX packages for Flex Rent Specials

Modularity in perfection from semi low-loader to low bed.

Maximum flexibility is the basic principle of the Dutch company Flex Rent Specials. Heavy-duty vehicles are offered for hire and are used all over the world. Three new CombiMAX combinations now open up completely new possibilities.

When the entire volume was ready for collection in Lentzweiler, the picture was impressive. The many axle lines and all the accessories form a remarkable modular construction kit. During the detailed instruction session, the Flex Rent Specials team learnt just what is possible.

As a semi-trailer or with a lowbed

But which components were supplied in detail? Three strong goosenecks make three combinations possible. Behind this, 32 axle lines form the backbone, divided into five 2-axle centre bogies, three 6-axle centre bogies and four 1-axle jokers.

For Flex Rent Specials, there are also two double telescopic Add-On-Beams up to 16,000 millimetres in length, allowing modular and extendable semi low-loader combinations to be formed. Two likewise telescopic vessel bridges allow the CombiMAX to be used as a low-loader. They can be hydraulically widened from the basic width of 3,000 mm to 4,700 mm.

Modularity in perfection

There is also a turntable for the rear axle group, designed for use with a free-turning device. An additional solution if, for example, long carriers require maximum manoeuvrability during transport.

Modularity in perfection, in other words, which from now on will be travelling around the globe for heavy-duty projects of all kinds.

Flex Rent Specials specialises in the rental of heavy-duty tractor units, (semi-)low-loaders, modules and mobile cranes for short and long periods. The versatile fleet is available for heavy-duty and transport projects and is given a new dimension with the CombiMAX vehicles.

Date of publication: 04/2024

Three CombiMAX packages for Flex Rent Specials
Three CombiMAX packages for Flex Rent Specials
Three CombiMAX packages for Flex Rent Specials
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