Everyday Krebs life in Joker mode

New low-loader for high payloads and added flexibility.

When heavy earthmoving and demolition machinery needs to be transported, a new low-bed combination from Faymonville is now being used by Ernst Krebs.

In a 3+5 VarioMAX Plus with excavator bridge, the new customer found exactly the right vehicle to meet its requirements in every respect. The Krebs team was particularly impressed by the joker axle technology.

This additional single-axle bogie can be used as required, i.e. it can be removed or integrated depending on the payload requirement or route profile. The element can be installed between the gooseneck and the front bogie or between the low bed and the rear bogie.

The low-loader with a basic width of 2,850 millimetres is designed as an excavator bridge variant, whose length of 6,950 millimetres can be telescoped by an additional 4,110 millimetres.

When used in gravel pits and on construction sites, the 17.5" pendulum axles are a real trump card, because with a 600 millimetre stroke and 60° steering angle, they provide the necessary off-road mobility.

In order to master all technical aspects of the VarioMAX Plus in the best possible way, Ernst Krebs' team received a detailed instruction on delivery. So now it's time to get going ... to the MAX!

Ernst Krebs GmbH & Co. KG from Neumünster offers complete services through its own gravel works, recycling plants, landfills, bulk goods and special transport for demolition, earthworks and special works.

Thank you for your trust in our capabilities, we are already looking forward to the first job pictures.

Publication date: 01/2024

Everyday Krebs life in Joker mode
Everyday Krebs life in Joker mode
Everyday Krebs life in Joker mode
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