Designed for rail vehicles

When the journey from road to rail needs to be completed, vehicle solutions with that certain extra are required.

The Swiss company Martin Brunner has made this its motto: "There's no such thing as impossible!"

An important area of application is the transport of trams, locomotives and trains, where special low-loader properties are required. A 3-axle MegaMAX has now been designed by Faymonville precisely for these projects.

The 7,800 mm long low-bed as a vessel bridge variant can be telescoped by 4,500 mm. The outer beams and the front connection are designed as a rail version with a track width of 1,440 mm.

With an extensive kit of extension beams, which are 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 mm long, Brunner provides maximum flexibility in the load length.

Proven pendle axles with a 60° steering angle and 600 mm stroke ensure the necessary manoeuvrability. A hydraulic cable winch with a lifting capacity of approx. 8,000 kg provides the necessary assistance to transport the rail vehicles uphill.

Brunner is already planning its first jobs with the MegaMAX, when it comes to transporting electric articulated buses from Switzerland to the harbour in Antwerp. A real high-tech device, we thank you for your trust.

And soon the Brunner team will be back on site at Faymonville when an extensive 1+2+5-axle CombiMAX with excavator bridge and vessel bridge is ready for collection.

Date of publication: 09/2023

Designed for rail vehicles
Designed for rail vehicles
Designed for rail vehicles
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