A six-pack for Neeb

Two TeleMAX, two MultiMAX and two MAX110 went to Wuppertal.

Two hydraulically steered 4-axle telescopic flatbed trailers from the TeleMAX series were added, whose triple telescopic loading area reaches a maximum dimension of 47.3 metres. This means that really long loads can be transported.

And two MAX110 4-axle low-loader semi-trailers from the MAX Trailer brand round off the overall package. These also have an extension for more flexibility and hydraulic steering for the necessary manoeuvrability.

G.A. Neeb GmbH u. Co. KG is headquartered in Wuppertal and specialises in transport, logistics, structural survey projects and towing and recovery services.

With co-operation partners in Romania and Spain, Neeb is not only a European logistics company, but is also involved in projects in Africa and North and South America.

Thank you for this exciting project and have a safe journey!

Date of publication: 06/2024

A six-pack for Neeb - News
A six-pack for Neeb - News
A six-pack for Neeb - News
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