Major order from Turkmenistan

Faymonville makes Beyik Yupek Yoly a heavy haulage specialist

During the conference of economic development between Austria and Turkmenistan in Vienna, Faymonville and its customer Beyik Yupek Yoly sealed a major deal.

It includes the first CombiMAX to be used in Turkmenistan. This modular system is composed of 24 axle lines, an extendable Add-On-Beam, two low beds and two turntables.

Furthermore, the Turkmenian company ordered five telescopic MultiMAX semi low loaders, namely three 8-axle and two 9-axle-trailers. An impressive total volume, which will strongly enhance Beyik Yupek Yoly’s footprint in the Central Asian heavy haulage market from now on.

For the Faymonville Group, this sale confirms and strengthens its leading position as full-range supplier of heavy and special haulage solutions.

Major order from Turkmenistan
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