Three companies, one transport solution!

Dagen Trucking, Stephen Izzi Trucking and DeMase moved the first railcars for Boston’s new Orange Line.

Arriving from China, they were the first of many, which will partly be produced in Springfield, MA. With an overall cargo length over 66’, a pay load of 80,000lbs and the usual height restrictions in the North East, the job was particularly challenging.

However, the three transporters found the perfect transport solution to move the railcars from the port of New York City to Faymonville and Hale Heavy Haul, official Faymonville dealer on the US East Coast.

The lowest stretch in the market

The steerable MegaMAX stretch double drop with a drive height of only 13.8” is the lowest stretch in the market and helped to clear even the lowest bridges.

The unique king-pin steering on these trailers offers unmatched maneuverability and allowed to access extremely tight areas, which is always a challenge with such long cargo.

Faymonville products on stock  

HALE Heavy Haul carries these and many more Faymonville products on stock and offers efficient customer service, after sales support and spare parts.

Three companies, one transport solution!
Three companies, one transport solution!
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