Duffy with 315,000 lbs on DualMAX modular axle lines

Do you know the perfect heavy haul tool for North America?

Check out this project by US customer Duffy Crane & Hauling where they moved a 315,000 lbs transformer on 11 modular axle lines type DualMAX by Faymonville.

The extremely high points loads over the axle bearings permit to transport such compact loads safely and efficient.

Thanks to the closed loading area, the supporting points of the cargo can be placed anywhere on the loading platform.

The lift&shift system allows to widen the trailer, even when fully loaded.

In contrast to other products, the steering rods do not need to be disassembled and the trailer can remain static during the widening process. This makes this feature uniquely easy and fast to operate.

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The lift&shift system of the DualMAX modular axle lines allows to widen the trailer, even when fully loaded.
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