New trailer concepts for North America

3-axle nitro-booster for HighwayMAX and MultiMAX 3+3 stretch single-drop

Faymonville leads the way and pushes the product development, always offering the most appropriate and sophisticated transport solutions to heavy haul specialists in North America and worldwide.

The new 3-axle nitro-booster for the HighwayMAX

As first manufacturer, Faymonville launched in 2015 an extendable on-road heavy haul trailer with nine hydraulically steered pendular axles.

The HighwayMAX excels thanks to its maneuverability, its robust chassis and the high payload capacity combined with a low tare weight.  

Now, Faymonville launches the next generation: the HighwayMAX-2 with a 3-axle pin-on nitro-booster to significantly increase the legal payload capacity!

The overall mobilization time and cost are by far the lowest in the industry for a trailer of this capacity. The booster can easily be detached and loaded on the main trailer for empty transport.

Together with the easy opening and closing of the stretch, this brings the closed truck/trailer length down to under 90’ within minutes, so it will not require an escort in most states.

The trailer/booster combination allows a legal payload of around 205,000 lbs (at 20,000lbs/axle).

The ORIGINAL by Faymonville – now boosting your payload ! Company Miller Transfer and Rigging Co. from Rootstown (Ohio) is the first US customer using this new technology. 

New for North America: the MultiMAX 3+3 stretch single-drop

The perfect allrounder! Fully steerable and with flexible spacing between the axle tridems – 14‘1“ or 16‘1“. 

The MultiMAX 3+3 trailer stretches to over 90’ incl. the gooseneck, while remaining within a length of 53‘ when closed. 

The hydraulic lifting and lowering of the neck allows optimal ground clearance even on uneven terrain or when passing railway crossings and other obstacles.

As for all Faymonville vehicles, the chassis is fully metalized (zinc-plated), which ensures the best corrosion protection available in the market.

High-tech in outstanding quality ! Simple-to-use and strong technology for safe and efficient heavy haul transports.

New trailer concepts for North America
New trailer concepts for North America
New trailer concepts for North America
New trailer concepts for North America
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