Faymonville quintet for Max Bögl

Max Bögl recently made a visit to our Luxembourg plant in Lentzweiler.

The programme included the collection of five new vehicles from the MultiMAX product range. The 3-axle semi-trailers are equipped with hydraulic steering, air suspension and an 8,800 mm long loading platform, which can be telescoped by a further 6,200 mm.

This provides plenty of loading options, which Max Bögl also relies on in his multifaceted day-to-day work.

A long material trestle, level with the gooseneck and with a load capacity of 30 tonnes, is the trump card when it comes to picking up long loads.

Three stanchion pocket rails with plug-in stanchions provide further flexibility when securing a wide variety of loads. Hook-in and movable bridging elements can also be integrated into the movable intermediate table.

A large number of lashing rings help the operator to optimally secure his load before starting.

We would like to thank the Bögl team for this project and hope you enjoy using the new Faymonville quintet.

Date of publication: 01/2024

Faymonville quintet for Max Bögl
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