Bender takes over VarioMAX 3+5

The cooperation between the Bender company and the Faymonville Group began around 20 years ago.

Over the years, several semi-trailers, lowbed trailers, ballast trailers, telescopic flatbed trailers and inloaders of the Faymonville and MAX Trailer brands have been delivered.

This is now the sixth time that the Freudenberg-based company has opted for a VarioMAX lowbed combination, this time as a 3+5 version. The vehicle with a basic width of 2,990 millimetres is designed as a vessel bridge variant with outer beams and a low construction height.

With a loading height of only 375 millimetres at maximum load, the Bender company creates the decisive free space for high loads. Two extension beams, each 3,000 and 6,000 millimetres long, provide additional possibilities.

They can be connected to the 8,100-millimetre-long lowbed. The front 3-axle running gear can be uncoupled and placed on the deck during an empty run.

The pendulum axles are indispensable for this type of vehicle because, thanks to their 600 millimetre stroke and 60° steering angle, they provide the necessary manoeuvrability when the load, which weighs tons, has to pass through winding passages or over difficult terrain.

The Bender company is now based at four locations in Germany and, since its beginnings in 1950, has developed into a logistics company active throughout Europe with a wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise.

Thank you very much for your trust and we wish the Bender team allways successful projects!

Publication date: 09/2023

Bender takes over VarioMAX 3+5
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