Let's pin on!

With the steerable fourth pin-on flip axle for the MegaMAX double drop, Faymonville is the first manufacturer to implement this technology to the US market.

Anker Trucking, Inc from Lynwood, Illinois purchased this new trailer type in 2018. One of their successful projects the past months was the move of a tank at a BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana. The load had a weight of 100,000 lbs. with a length of 49’-7” and a height of 13’-10”.

A perfect project for their double drop in its 4-axle close coupled configuration. The pin-on axle helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state. At an axle load of 20,000 lbs., it allows a total capacity up to 95,000 lbs.

At the max. technical axle rating of 22,700 lbs. in the 4-axle configuration, the trailer can handle up to 105,800 lbs. Impressive payloads – but that’s not all! The MegaMAX also excels thanks to its userfriendly and safe handling.

Getting access into tight areas

Barbara A. Bremer from Anker Trucking explains: “We love the turning capabilities of the Faymonville trailer for getting into tight places.” The technology that makes this possible is the unique king-pin steering.

This system offers unmatched maneuverability and allows the access to extremely challenging areas such as construction sites, power plants or inner cities.

Low profile for highest loads

With 13.8” drive height, the stretch is the lowest of its kind on the market and helps to clear even the lowest bridges. “We appreciate that we can put really tall cargo on the trailer with its low profile”, says Barbara A. Bremer and adds another useful feature.

“Being able to stretch the trailer or add the components is a big plus in our business. It makes it very convenient that everything is there when length is needed.” Indeed, the extendable stretch deck is extremely versatile and can be lengthened even further using additional boltin inserts.

This way, the trailer can be used for countless types of heavy and oversize cargo including industrial components, tanks, railcars, machinery or oversize containers. 

The extra low double-drop trailer is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods
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