SITCA sets a new standard

A CombIMAX 3+1+8 equipped with 17.5' pendle-axles type PA-X offers modular solutions for their heavy duty projects.

Within the Industrial Services division of the Valenciennes-based group, SITCA has diversified significantly over the years and now includes the subsidiaries Sitca Levage, Sitca Engineering and Sitca Belgium.

Managing Director Jérémie Cochez and his team came to Lentzweiler to take delivery of a new, very special combination for its special transport missions at Faymonville.

A CombiMAX 3+1+8 with a basic width of 2,850 mm and equipped with 17.5' pendular axles type PA-X offers modular solutions for their heavy-duty projects.

With a completely lowered loading height of 790 mm, a steering angle of 60° and a stroke of 600 mm, this vehicle provides optimal manoeuvrability to access any loading or unloading location.

The CombiMAX is specially designed for the transport of railed vehicles with screw-on rails on the loading platform and a special 'accordion' ramp. The special feature of this type of ramp is that it can be folded out to a length of +/- 19,750 mm to allow an extremely small loading angle.

The CombiMAX principle scores with flexibility and this is also a key strength of this trailer. When SITCA needs to transport heavy or oversized industrial cargo, they remove the rails on the platform to create a flat surface.

And this flexibility goes even further, thanks to the 'Joker' axle, the specialists have an additional option to adapt the combination to the load, the legal payload and the route if necessary.

The cooperation between SITCA and the Faymonville Group dates back to 1996, and with the acquisition of this special modular system, the two partners are setting a new standard.

Date of publication: 03/2023

SITCA sets a new standard - News
SITCA sets a new standard - News
SITCA sets a new standard - News
SITCA sets a new standard - News
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