The 4-axle MegaMAX double drop in action

Cappello Heavy Transport runs one of the trailers with steerable pin-on flip.

Cappello Heavy Transport from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts runs one of the very first 4-axle MegaMAX double drops with steerable pin-on flip delivered to the US - an absolutely unique product for North America.

He recently moved this truck crane, showing some of the major advantages of the stretch deck, which is not only extremely low (13.8" ride height) but also stretches on the outside beams, so he could easily drive the machine onto the deck without use of extra accessories or bolsters, even when extended. The deck stretches from 25' to 42' and can be lengthened additionally using extra inserts.

With its state-of-the-art king pin steering, the MegaMAX helps to access the tightest areas with heavy and over-dimensional cargo. Hale Heavy Haul carries these and many more products by Faymonville on stock and offers efficient customer service, after sales support and spare parts. 

The 4-axle MegaMAX double drop in action
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