The lowbed range

Lowbeds for the product series CombiMAX, VarioMAX, VarioMAX Plus, ModulMAX, MegaMAX etc. are available in many versions and payload categories.

Faymonville's versatile lowbed range makes various uses possible:

  • Excavator deck (BB)

Tracked vehicles can be transported hanging by utilising an excavator deck with minimum ground clearance. Such low beds can also be telescopically extendable, which makes them versatile for many applications. The booms and timber boards can also be widened without much effort and positioned to two different loading heights. Timber boards are also available for lateral loading where necessitated by tight manoeuvring space.

  • Outer beams with fixed floor (ATX-A and AT-A)

Lowbeds with outer beams and fixed loading floor offer optimum stability. When loading construction machines, a driving track is available over the entire length of the lowbed, even in the telescopically extended state. The beams are available in various overall heights from 200 – 450 mm and can be equipped with loading platform wideners.

  • Outer beams with removable floor (KB and KBX)

Analogous to the lowbeds with outer beams and fixed floor, the floor is removable in this version. This allows high industrial tanks and vessels to be transported with an optimised loading height.

  • Widenable outer beams (ATV)

By means of hydraulic widening - the Hydro-Shift principle - this lowbed version can be flexibly adapted in width. Full load capacity is guaranteed at the maximum width. A simple extension is also possible with this low bed. The ATV bed is ideal for transporting heavy, wide construction machines.

  • Vesseldeck with hydraulic widening (KBV)

The vesseldeck with its removable loading floor offers maximum flexibility thanks to its hydraulic widening. Widening systems are available with single or double width adjustment. The longitudinal beams can be supplied in a fixed length or with single or double telescopic extension. The high load-carrying capacity enables the ideal transport of industrial vessels, transformers or boats.

  • Flatbed deck (FBX)

Flatbed decks offer a steel surface over the entire width of the low bed and are ideally suited for the transport and lateral unloading of transformers. The reinforced loading platform enables maximum point loads. The FBX decks are available in overall heights of 160 – 300 mm.

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The lowbed range - Technologies
The lowbed range - Technologies
The lowbed range - Technologies
The lowbed range - Technologies
The lowbed range - Technologies
The lowbed range - Technologies