A Faymonville VarioMAX 2+5 for TPS

The company located in Pyrénées-Atlantiques now has powerful new equipment.

Behind the Volvo 8x4 tractor, there is now an all-new VarioMAX 2+5 low bed trailer from Faymonville.

Safety and versatility

This vehicle has an extensible low bed with minimal ground clearance for transporting tracked vehicles.

The super-grip mattress provides maximum transportation safety. Reversible outriggers enable loading on three levels.

The trailer's removable gooseneck is easy to (un-)couple and enables loading from the front.

Pendle-axles for an ideal maneuverability

The front bogie can be disconnected from the gooseneck and transported on the loading platform when driving empty.

The pendle-axles with a stroke of 600mm and steering angle of 60° enables perfect load adjustment on the different axles according to differing ground clearances.

Transports TPS was established in 1995 and since its beginnings has specialised in the special transport of industrial equipment, the transport of indivisible loads or construction machinery.

A Faymonville VarioMAX 2+5 for TPS
A Faymonville VarioMAX 2+5 for TPS
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