01-2018: The largest excavator trough on the market!

Faymonville presents a spectacular evolution: a huge excavator trough in its range of vehicles with low pendle-axles (PA-X).

The longest (4,240mm)!
The deepest (440mm)!

Ideal for transporting all kinds of excavators. Their large articulated boom fits easily in the trough.

This provides a significant height advantage when passing under low bridges.

Chassis with low pendle-axles PA-X add considerably to your transport options!

What does the PA-X principle involve?

  • THE LOWEST: loading height 790 mm
  • THE BEST HANDLING: steering angle of 60°
  • THE MOST VERSATILE: 600 mm (-150/+450 mm)

And this unrivalled trough designed for semi-trailers from 2,850 mm wide enlarges the possibilities!


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