09-2017: BigMove on the road on dream ships from Faymonville

21 extendable low bed semi-trailers with hydraulic suspensio and pendle axles have been delivered

The term "dream ship" is part of the common jargon within the BigMove group.It refers to the 3-axle low bed semi-trailers delivered by the manufacturer Faymonville in 2007.It's a success story that has now been continued.  

That's because the 21 new extendable MegaMAX low bed semi-trailers with pendle axle and hydraulic suspension ordered by the network have now been delivered – an impressive order package for a notable heavy goods transport group.

Pendle axles permits an axle load of 12t

"The manoeuvrability and stability of the Faymonville semi-trailers is very good. The fact that the low bed is equipped with pendle axles and therefore for an axle load of 12 tonnes was one of the decisive factors behind our decision to order", explains Ralf Reschka, Administration Director at BigMove.

Faymonville built the first series of the "dream ship" in 2007. That was an extremely low 3-axle MegaMAX with air suspension.

Maximum maneuverability and versatility in use 

The MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer is the optimum solution when transporting high goods, industrial parts or machines. The low beams with a height of just 225 mm have proven to be the decisive trump card here.

Not only that, the MegaMAX stands for maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility in use with a steering angle of 60° thanks to its pendle axles and a total lift of 600 mm.

The BigMove group consists of 15 mid-size company locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland.

They share their know-how, which altogether results in a 360° range of services in special transport.

More info can be found on the product page of the low bed semi-trailer MegaMAX.

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