08-2018: The payload king and further new developments

Faymonville presents its successful semi-trailer concepts at the IAA

Faymonville is showing the way and driving product development down to the smallest detail. The vehicles exhibited at the IAA in Hanover illustrate that clearly. They are characterised by that "certain extra". For the user, this means practically oriented advantages that pay off in daily work.

The largest exhibit is the 2+6 CombiMAX combination. Staying true to the construction kit principle, the 2-axle bogie can be extended when it's not necessary: free combination depending on the task. The CombiMAX is the number one in the payload range up to 120 t! It is the result of the optimum dead weight, achieved through the well-thought-out vehicle superstructure. The double extendable CombiMAX semi-trailer is equipped with the low PA-X pendle axle.

With the PA-X through every terrain

This vehicle part combines several advantages at once. "The vehicles are built very low with a continuous loading height of 790 mm. The PA-X offers much more, though. The unbeatable stroke of 600 mm makes the semi-trailer extremely off-road-capable. And the steering angle of 60° makes it highly maneuverable when the route demands it", says product manager Rainer Noe, listing the distinctive key points. The motto speaks for itself: More than low!

The steering is precisely and simply adjusted by a new hydraulic system. The lifetime of the tires is extended as a result and winding building site entrances can also be mastered. The rigid design also enables the transport of compact loads (e.g. transformers) without compromising on deflection – even in the extended state or with the largest excavator handle trough on the market! 

MegaMAX for the decisive millimetres

Also in focus is a 3-axle MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer, whose beam has an overall height of just 225 mm. "In this way the last millimetres can be gained when high loads have to be moved through underpasses", says Rainer Noe, pointing out the alignment of the product. Due to the removable gooseneck in a very compact version for 8x4 or 6x4 plus dolly, the loading procedure takes place from the front. The bogie is characterised by a prism excavator trough. The proven pendle axle technology lends maneuverability that positively influences the driving behaviour.

Safety is the priority with the MultiMAX Plus

The 3-axle MultiMAX Plus low loader with lifting platform is the specialist for the transport of lifting vehicles. Since several work platforms or forklifts are often loaded, the semi-trailer features numerous lashing points for perfect load securing. The reinforced grating floor and the high ramp loadability provide for robustness and safety when loading and unloading. The semi-trailer is available with hydraulic knuckle steering or self-steering and with an impressive selection of options.

Stretched long and built low

The 3-axle TeleMAX plateau semi-trailer in a low design with double extension is universally usable. The very low loading height of 1,100 mm is helpful where loads with a large volume are on the agenda. Thanks to the double extension, the length of the loading platform can be extended from the basic size of 13,600 mm to 29,800 mm. And since the classic 6x2 tractor units are now also available with a fifth wheel height of 950 mm, the full fifth wheel load (18 tonnes) can also be utilised.  

The front wall of the vehicle, which is certified to Code-XL, has been revised and can withstand a load of 20,000 daN.

The electronically controlled self-propelled vehicle from Cometto

The Faymonville Group is exhibiting a self-propelled vehicle from Cometto for the first time at a trade fair in Germany. It is an electronically controlled module with four axles of the type MSPE Evo2. This stage offers load capacities of 60 or 70 t per axle line.

In addition to the high payload, the self-propelled vehicles impress with their versatile range of configuration options and their maneuverability. The advanced electronic operating system and the special Cometto software make a steering angle of ± 135° possible. Each axle body works independently and is connected to the computer via a special encoder. Thanks to the interaction the MSPE can be moved in every direction.

Power packs are available in three power classes for the drive, in addition to which there is an extensive range of options (spacers, driver's cabs, etc.).

MAX Trailer with its own trade fair booth

The MAX Trailer brand now has its own booth (outdoor area, N55). Premium quality as standard!  That is a very brief way to express what lies behind the concept.

MAX Trailer is illustrating this in Hanover with a 3-axle MAX200 mega-trailer, among other things. The model has a low frame height at the front of 120 mm and a technical payload of almost 38 t. A remarkable special feature is the hydraulically driven flip-tail ramp, which enables the easy loading of machines with tires. The vehicle retains a continuously straight loading platform, which is also 100% usable. The omission of classic ramps reduces fuel consumption and there are no restrictions at all with regard to a rear overhang of the load.

Furthermore, MAX Trailer is presenting a low bed semi-trailer of the type MAX510 in Hanover. The 2-axle low bed semi-trailer has a 6,750 mm long loading platform, which is telescopically extendable by 5,500 mm. The removable gooseneck makes impact-free loading and unloading possible via the low bed.

More information at IAA in Hanover! Visit us on booth M57! 

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