Semi-Trailers - DualMAX

Modular platform trailer for special transportation in the United States of America and Canada.

Modular trailer - USA and Canada

The Faymonville DualMAX is a modular heavy haul platform trailer that is widenable under load (lift&shift system). This modular trailer was developed in order to meet the specific requirements of the trucking & hauling industry in North America. It fully complies with U.S. and Canadian regulations allowing a maximal payload thanks to its adapted dimensions.

Video: semi-trailer dualmaxModular platform trailer for heavy haulage in the USA and Canada - Faymonville DualMAX

The following features ensure maximum transport efficiency and contribute to transport safety:

  • Axles are widenable under load from 14’ to 20’ in a fast, easy and safe way
  • Steering system remains untouched - no disconnecting of any part  
  • Very strong and torsion resistant chassis with high point load capacities on central beam and outer frames
  • Light weight (approx bout 13,200 lbs/line of tare weight)
  • The folded frame is less than 8’ wide and 8’ tall thus return transports are easily possible on conventional lowbed or flatbed trailers.
  • Load per axle line 52,900 lbs at 50 mph
  • Extremely high points loads of 40,000 lbs. can be applied over each axle bearing
  • Platforms are fully metalized (zinc-plated) ensuring the best corrosion protection available on the market
  • Can be operated with gooseneck and/or draw bars
  • Can be operated with accessories from third parties (suspension beams, drop deck, etc.)
  • Pendulum axles with a turning angle of – 55° / + 55°

This user-friendly operating concept makes the DualMAX a guarantor of flexibility and economy for the heavy-duty transport jobs in the United States and Canada.

Areas of use

DualMAX modular trailers are suitable for the transport of the following goods:

  • Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods, containers...)
  • Crane systems (cranes, crane weights, crane components)
  • Pipeline elements
  • Offshore structures (drilling platforms, wind turbines, platforms, pipelines)
  • Ships or parts of ships
  • Power stations and bridge elements
  • Bulky goods, long materials and heavy loads