Semi-Trailers - CargoMAX

Flat platform semi-trailers with 3 to 8 axles for crane components and crane weights.

The Faymonville CargoMAX is a flatbed semi-trailer specialising in the transportation of crane components and weights.

Depending on the equipment with 3 to 8 axles, the CargoMAX is able to easily and cost-effectively transport even the heaviest crane components and crane weights of numerous manufacturers to their respective operating location.

Video: semi-trailer cargomaxFlatbed semi-trailer for heavy duty transport and crane ballast transport - Faymonville CARGOMAX

Suspension and steering

The CargoMAX can be equipped with either hydraulic or pneumatic suspension.

Various axle steering systems can be used:

  • Rigid axles
  • Rear Friction-steered axles
  • Front friction-steered axles
  • Knuckle-steering (hydraulic) axles

Equipment & accessories

The CargoMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the semi-trailer include:

  • Loading platform with hydraulic lifting function
  • Stanchion posts

Areas of use

The Faymonville CargoMAX flatbed semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of compact and especially heavy goods, in particular:

  • Crane components
  • Crane weights
  • Rings and oversized goods (liftable)
  • Other compact heavy loads