Semi-Trailers - TimberMAX

Semi-trailer for short wood and logs transport.

TimberMAX is a semi-trailer with 2 or 3 axles, optimised for the transport of short wood and logs.

When loading or for steering manoeuvres, the bogie ensures optimum stability with consistently high manoeuvrability.

Video: semi-trailer timbermaxSemi-trailer for wood transport - Faymonville TIMBERMAX

In its retracted state, the compact TimberMAX also proves to be highly manoeuvrable and suitable for difficult terrain.

The TimberMAX semi-trailer is therefore the ideal answer to the daily economic and technical challenges that face forestry transport providers.

Suspension and steering

The TimberMAX is equipped with pneumatic spring suspension and enables direct steering, as both axles are mounted on a joint bogie.

Equipment & accessories

TimberMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. Here are just a few of the equipment options:

  • 1 or 2 x extendable (telescoping)
  • Loading turntable EXTE E144 or E9
  • Timber loading crane mounted on Timbermax
  • 3-5 wood piles

Areas of use

The Faymonville TimberMAX semi-trailer is designed for the transport of round or sawn timber, in particular:

  • Short wood: 3 to 5 piles (2 m - 6 m wood)
  • Long wood: Wood up to 21 m