New and Used Semi-trailers

New and Used Semi-trailers

Reference: 10405

Model: Multi-NZ-8H-W-AA-25AT-13.00-17.5-2.99-(gk.A.)


8-Axle Multimax

Make: Faymonville
Type: Multi-NZ-8H-W-AA
Year : 2009
Chassis : YAFTL809100009602

Technical Specifications

fifth wheel load 31000 kg
axle load 96000 kg
total weight 127000 kg
tare weight 28500 kg
pay load 98500 kg
length of gooseneck 3750 mm
length of loading platform 13000 mm
extendable at 1 10000 mm
extendable at 2 9700 mm
loading heigh over axle bogie 850 mm
fifth wheel height 1300 mm
width(gooseneck/bogie) 2540/3000 mm
rear goosen swing behind 2500 mm
king pin 3.5
wheels 235/70R17.5
suspension hydraulic
axles type hydraulic steering
force steering hydraulic

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